My mother’s latest painting

I occasionally find myself lurking around “Middle England Earth Art” – or, as I call it, “Mum’s blog” – to see what my mother has been painting or planting lately. I’ll admit to a significant amount of bias in admiring her art. She was my first art teacher and I’m grateful for growing up in a house full of painting, drawing, art supplies and how-to-paint books. By the time I hit high school I was able to wow my art teachers with my pre-existing knowledge of perspective and the colour wheel and the history of French impressionist art.

So I am happy to note that mum recently shared one of her most recent paintings to her blog, a portrait she developed after attending a lecture by BBC geology presenter Professor Iain Stewart. Here’s the link:

Also, knowing that mum does in fact read my blog, hello, hope you’re enjoying your UK holiday!