Autobiographical vignettes: snap shots of a spiritual journey

This page is a work in progress and more details will be added as time and creative energy permit.

  • Early years: money, poverty and socio-economic context. (31/05/2016) How the early struggles we faced were compounded by financial challenges. This is a lead-in to posts that refer to the financially exploitative practices of some Christian churches. Time frame: circa early 2003. Location: Rural Victoria, Australia. Keywords: Rurality, poor, money, university, parenthood, Myers Briggs ISTP and INTJ, Pentecostalism, narcissistic personality disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, autobiography.
  • The ruining of Christmas, Part 1. (04/10/2016) How my most favourite time of year morphed into an annual time of stress, grappling with competing spiritual worldviews, demanding families, and some seriously dysfunctional people. Keywords: Christmas, disappointment, nmil, npd, Catholicism, introvert, ISTP, anxiety disorder, healthy versus unhealthy boundaries.
  • The ruining of Christmas: the annual angry text message tradition. (04/10/2016) Specific examples of the reasons I now half-jokingly say I can set my calendar by the clockwork regular annual angry texts that roll in just before Christmas. Keywords: narcissistic personality disorder, narcissism, golden child, Christmas, Pentecostal patriarchy.
  • On decluttering spiritual books and Jesus-centric superstition. (06/06/2016) On the healing process of throwing away old Christian books I now associate with toxic and dysfunctional forms of faith. Keywords: generalised anxiety disorder, psychology, Pentecostalism, superstition, occult, God, Bible, violence, Black Saturday bushfires, climate change, books, minimalism, decluttering, fiction, Young Earth Creationism.
  • One small step for woman: revisiting church after quitting church. (11/07/2016) On my first visit to my former church close around six months after leaving. Keywords: Mental health, anxiety, friendships, depression, generalised anxiety disorder, deconversion, church culture, Pentecostalism, parenting.

Page first published: Monday, 30 May 2016

Date last updated: 4 October 2016