NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 30


It is finished, and while I hit my 50,000 target word count on Day 25, I continued writing. This is not only the first NaNoWriMo in which I reached 50,000 significantly earlier than the cut-off date, it is also the first one in which I wrote every single day. I can’t recall the exact statistics, but I think my lowest word count day was around the 60-words mark, and the highest was close to 3,000.

It’s a crazy time of year for me and winning NaNo is like a wonderful little blip of personal achievement, self-satisfaction and joy in the midst of what is usually a stressful season. It also marks the close of the school year (late January to late December) and both my children have more end-of-year events to attend than normal. Child No.1 is going to be awarded with academic achievement awards (I knew he had it in him!) and Child No.2 is graduating from primary school (elementary school). It’s the end of an era for our family and it’s weird thinking that my ‘baby’ will be starting high school next year. But with that comes a whole series of extra scheduled events, including orientation nights and days (on my birthday… thanks a lot! :/ ) and no doubt there will be some teary farewells as well as some sighs of relief. It’s been a tumultuous year for my family and we are looking forward to a hopefully quiet summer holiday season once Christmas is done and dusted.

I will try to write a retrospective on my NaNoWriMo 2016 experience over the next week. I learned a lot this time around that served me well. My NaNo was much better this year than in previous years.

I also hope to come back to my story. I think it could be reworked as more of a Middle Earth Tolkien-esque kind of story happening in an alternate world. While I wanted it to be sci fi it really felt laborious having it take place across a series of different planets. It didn’t need that. It needs the different spaces but I think it would work better as a fantasy story. I will try to tweak it or rewrite it during early 2017.


Screenshot of my NaNoWriMo badges! The badges shown here include writing every single day, passing all word count goals, being a “plantser” (half planning/half winging it), and drinking too much caffeine. That said, I did in fact have far less coffee than in previous NaNos so that’s something! I plan to get a halo badge added once I can scrape together some spare funds to buy some NaNo winner’s merch and add a donation to my purchase.


Screenshot, 30 November 2016. [Source]


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