watercolour pencil

Sketchbook: Gum Tree




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Kylo Ren fan art. Watercolour pencils and both watercolour and acrylic paints, and coloured pencils on paper. 


Mandarine tree driving a car. Felt tip markers on paper. This one was inspired by a recent occasion in which I stopped at the traffic lights near a local plant nursery and looked across to the next car – an old fashioned blue hatchback. To my surprise, the couple had a miniature mandarine tree sitting buckled in the back seat. I was so amused that I decided to draw my interpretation of the sight.


If you enjoy my blog and like my art, please consider purchasing an item from my online art portfolio, flokot.redbubble.com

Painting in progress: Desert Santa


23 November 2015 – watercolour pencil, watercolour paint and watercolour pastel on paper. 210x297mm, 180gsm coarse paper.

I’m taking a break from writing and have dragged out the paints. I’m feeling Christmassy, so here’s Aussie-fied Santa Claus in the desert. 

May Art

I painted this first image on the first of May. In Northern Hemisphere pagan circles, May 1 is Beltane, and I used Beltane-inspired imagery for this painting. I was quite happy with the end product. As the pagan Wheel of the Year follows seasonal fluctuations, in the Southern Hemisphere (where I live), May 1 lines up with Samhain. Samhain is, as you may know, the festival more commonly celebrated as Hallowe’en.

I found a useful summary of the Australian pagan and Wiccan sabbats here.

My spiritual background is a bit of a mix – even though I no longer personally identify as Wiccan, I am still heavily influenced by the Celtic (and occasionally Norse) spirituality of my ancient ancestors. It tends to float to the surface in my art. I sort of wonder, sometimes, if these things are somehow carried on through the generations – woven into our very souls. It’s a seed-thought at this point in time but one day I hope to really give it a good processing through my mind!

2015-05-flokotredbubblecom-1 - 11

This moonrise painting was inspired by a trip we took over Easter to the west coast of Victoria, Australia. The Great Ocean Road and Surf Coast regions are fast becoming one of my most favourite places in the world. We have travelled there several times now, taking a few hours to drive – but it is always worth it. There’s always something new to experience. We sat at the water’s edge and watched a near-Full waning moon rise over the water. The air was freezing. Though it was late, the beach was still busy – it is typical for the Easter weekend, which lasts four days, to involve families making short holidays to the beach. We aren’t able to afford regular holidays, so on the night of Easter Sunday we took a road trip to Lorne, ate some brilliant veggie burgers, and watched the moonrise. It was worth the four hours of driving!

I’m a country bumpkin at heart, originally from the coastal region of south-east Victoria, and I find it an uplifting and replenishing experience to stand with my feet in the sea, far away from the bright lights and noise of the city.

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