If for any reason you quote or reference any of my content on this blog, please apply standard referencing conventions to this. Most universities have a style guide that will explain how to do so. Here are the bare bones details for readers needing this information.

Unless otherwise specified, the author of all posts is: F. K. Pickersgill.

The site name is: Streams & Desolations.

For any links and videos I share, please see the original post for referencing information. However, you can also include, “As quoted in Pickersgill, F. K. (year), Streams & Desolations.”

Date: check the blog post for the date of publication. Otherwise, use 2014-[current year] as the publication date – check your style guide conventions to see what they require.

Accessed date: most standards for academic referencing of websites or online content demand an “accessed” date. That’s the date you took the quote or concept from the site. This is because websites may change or be edited, and so it is important to link your material to time, and not just page number and edition like you would in a book.

URL: You can use as shorthand or include an individual post’s full URL location.

Place of publication: Melbourne, Australia.


This post first published: 24 December 2015.