Interview on SundayEveryday

I feel very honoured to have had an interview article published on the SundayEveryday blog. The blog’s owner Lisa is a wonderfully creative lady I met through my husband’s Pentecostal church community and I so appreciate her taking the time to get to know this little greenie weirdo! In the article I talk a little bit about how my rural upbringing, Celtic-Catholic heritage and university studies lead me to try to find a way to live out environmentalism and concern for animals through the lens of Christian faith.

Please check out the article at SundayEveryday.Me – I hope my readers enjoy it!

Scenes from this year’s reading pile: Creation Waits


I have read and re-read this wonderful book multiple times and find something new in it with each fresh reading. The author Agnes Sanford was a charismatic pastor’s wife in the Episcopalian church. Though it was written in the 1970s, Creation Waits sounds a very timely and relevant call for those of us drawn to prayer to consider how we might tend the Earth, its creatures and ecosystems. I had to track it down via a second hand book seller and it was worth the effort. I highly recommend it to Christian readers who are interested in intercessory prayer.


Video: Cosmic Christ

This video is part of an ongoing series of spiritual videos I’ve been sharing on this blog. The videos I’ve chosen are, most of the time, shared here because they touch on concepts like spirituality, environmentalism, Jesus and Christian mysticism. I am still exploring these ideas. Videos like this one intrigue me with their thought-provoking ideas, and the mystic way they understand the Christian scriptures. By sharing them I am not suggesting nor hinting at my own personal faith perspective, except to say that I am personally very interested in Christian environmentalism and Christian mysticism.

You can see the videos I’ve shared so far HERE.