October Polka Dots


Digital painting. flokot.redbubble.com

As I sat down to draw yesterday, I found that the ideas simply didn’t flow. I got part way through a Cthulhu sketch, a felt-tip marker cat in a witch’s hat, and a Viking longboat, before I laid down the pen and wanted to give up. The enticing smoothness of the fresh paper and the flow of ink from my pens just didn’t translate into inspiration. However, I committed myself to get as much drawing done as possible in the pre-NaNoWriMo weeks, knowing that once NaNo starts, and the end of school year commitments for my kids, and the horrifying stress peace and joy of Christmas, and the social intensity of New Year’s – well, based on past experience, it’s usually February by the time I can recover enough to think about drawing again.

I didn’t want to put the pen down completely, so I switched on my Windows computer and picked up the Wacom tablet. I tried a few sketches – birds, horses – but something wasn’t flowing. So I went and had an inspiration-seeking browse on some favourite homewares store websites. I was really taken with bright, colourful abstract themes and polka dots that seem to be a theme in interior decoration for children at the moment. I had a play around with some ideas and eventually created a few patterns that I liked. I wanted to find colours that went well together, with bright contrasts. It’s also interesting working with placement of polka dots on clothing, for example, because I very quickly realised that – sorry for the bluntness – a poorly positioned polka dot on a shirt can look a lot like a nipple. That is not a look that I want for my RedBubble shirts and dresses! I used MediBang Paint Pro and the digital watercolour painting tools to make these designs. I feel that this gives the dots a more organic, hand-drawn kind of vibe while maintaining the clean canvas and blemish-free patterns of a digital design. They aren’t cookie cutter patterns, but I think they look better than my hand-drawn equivalent patterns.

I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to try to make some more today – though I must concede that sleep deprivation after several pre-dawn hours of a police helicopter circling our neighbourhood last night might drive me back to bed. I didn’t think I was that tired until I tried driving home after this morning’s school run, took a wrong turn and somehow ended up driving through the middle of a retirement village as a few elderly folks looked askance at this young mid-30s whipper snapper hooned along their street at 10kms per hour. I only lived in this neighbourhood for six weeks and am still getting my bearings… that’s the excuse. It’s not like my son has attended the local school here since early 2015, right?! *nervous cough*

Anyway, I will share my dotty patterns in the Abstract collection of my RedBubble profile.

Here are some of the products currently available (at the time of posting this blog post – subject to change in price and availability without notice) based on my spotty designs. These are screenshots taken from RedBubble.Com, with all products showing patterns of my own original design.

  1. Polka Dots 1 (light blue / mint / yellow tones)
  2. Polka Dots 2 (dark blue-black, contrasting pink and bright spots)
  3. Polka Dots 3 With Hearts (purple base colour, blue, pink and red spots and hearts)
  4. Polka Dots 4: Halloween Themes (dark green base colour with orange jack-o-lantern dots and bat patterns)

Blog post update: Halloween themed pattern added 28 Oct. 2016.


A fun spotty coffee mug – RedBubble mugs are a great Christmas present idea. Just sayin’. Fill with lollies/candy (I’d be using vegan lollies with natural plant-based colourings), wrap in shiny cellophane or paper, tie a Christmas ribbon or twine to hold it together, and bam, easy gift giving! flokot.redbubble.com


Leggings design. Dots and hearts on a dark bluish purple background. flokot.redbubble.com.


Bright and fun spotty polka dot patterns on a variety of homewares, stationery, clothing and accessories. flokot.redbubble.com.


Hallowe’en-themed pencil case pattern. Digital painting. flokot.redbubble.com.

I have a huge range of products available with my own original designs, some hand-drawn, some painted, and some digitally painted. If you like following my blog, please consider buying one of these to help support my writing and art! I regularly add new items to the store so make sure you check in from time-to-time.

And much more!


Spotty dress – digital paint design of multi-coloured, multilayered dots on a dark blue-black background. I love how this one turned out, if I may say so myself. flokot.redbubble.com