October Digital Drawings: Blue Flags

Something a little different for me, this is a first draft of an idea I have for a bumper sticker I want to make for myself. It started with The Husband wondering if I could channel my Formula One fangirling into drawing Sebastian Vettel. It sort of morphed into generic driver in generic car getting angry at slower drivers not moving out of the way in response to blue flags. It sort of also symbolises how I feel whenever I drive the kids to school and get stuck behind Melbourne’s interminably incompetent driving community where families with one child apiece purchase the most obnoxiously large 4WDs/SUVs for the sole purpose of conveying said child to school and grocery shopping. I have a little red Hyundai hatchback and a fancier Skoda Octavia RS that we like to take for regular spins down the Great Ocean Road (okay technically that car belongs to The Husband but I am driving it at the moment while he works interstate and my own car languishes in the airport long-term car parking), and I get very impatient driving behind the slowpokes in their oversized, under-utilised cars.

It was too much fun drawing this and if any of you follow F1 you’ll know that they’ve been something of a meme during the 2016 season.


16 & 17 October 2016. Digital Drawing. flokot.redbubble.com