Book Reviews

From time-to-time I may share and review details on books that I’ve been reading. While some of the reviews may be lengthy, sometimes it will be as simple as a photograph of the books I’m currently reading.

I am a complete and utter bookworm. I love books. I also rather like my Kindle, but I’m still an old-fashioned paper books and libraries kind of person. In all cases I will attempt to provide enough information on the books so that if one takes the interest of my readers here, you will hopefully be able to look it up and buy it or order it in at your local library.

I do not share any books here with the sole purpose of negatively reviewing them. I try to operate on the philosophy that everyone has different tastes and that a book I don’t necessarily enjoy may in fact be useful and moving to others. In that view, I don’t feel it is useful or a good use of time to angrily critique a book for the sheer reason that it wasn’t “my thing.”

My preferred reading genres are fantasy, sci-fi, science, history, gardening, environmentalism and animal rights, vegetarian living, theology, spirituality, vampire fiction, the sort of fiction where animals talk, classical literature (particularly 19th Century European novels), and illustrated picture books.

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