Decluttering Adventures: Old Art 8

February 2008 - Bagaceratops

February 2008 – Bagaceratops

This is a 2008 sketch in graphite of the Mongolian dinosaur genus Bagaceratops. As observers of my drawings may notice, dinosaurs have formed a perennial theme for me. I absolutely love drawing their unique forms, studying books about them, learning about their fascinating history and generally being an all-round dino geek. It’s an obsession I have had since the age of 12 and now I’m in my early 30s* (when did that happen?!) I still can’t shake the need to return to the dinosaurian and pterosaurian themes in my art.

*I was in my 20s when I drew this.

Decluttering Adventures: Old Art 7

Circa 2007

Circa 2007

This is from several pages of pencil and ink fineliner drawings around 2007-2008 representing snippets of my memories of my rural upbringing. I come from a part of the world where discarded tractor tyres are sometimes used as driveway markers. Some farmers go as far as to attach reflective markers to catch the glow of the headlights of passing cars. It’s a novel solution to the problem of finding one’s driveway entrance in dark areas with no streetlights.

Decluttering Adventures: Old Art 5



In late 2007 I started playing around with drawing ideas to try to represent the Christmases of my childhood. I intended them as thumbnail sketches or ideas for a subsequent painting idea that I never completed. Maybe one day I’ll return to the theme! There’s something very evocative for me about Christmas and the nostalgic emotions it stirs in relation to what is no-doubt a romanticised mental picture of my childhood. These drawings here were Sharpie fine point permanent marker and pencil on paper.