Listed here are some of the websites I find interesting and informative or entertaining.

They cover a broad range of topics, which I will attempt to label in accordance with their major themes.

Please note:

  • readers follow these links at their own risk (insert other standard disclaimers).
  • this list is subject to change from time to time.
  • links given here are done so in good faith that the link is working.
  • inclusion here does not represent a “blanket” agreement with all content on a site.

One thing I noticed in the past, on my other blogs and websites, is that my interests and even patterns of belief and worldview are constantly changing. On my links pages from the past I have found that sometimes a website or blog I loved at one point has eventually veered off in a direction with which I disagree, or that my own journey has taken me away from that perspective. Life is not meant to be static, in my opinion, so it is reasonable to expect that sometimes here will be listed a website representative of a temporary stage or worldview that I may have since critiqued, rejected or simply outgrown. I will make every effort to try to maintain this list in good order, but I hope my readers will exercise grace in this area.

If a link is broken or the ideas shared on it are particularly problematic (for example, they promote cruelty, violence, racism, or other illegal activity) you’re welcome to leave a note on the Guestbook. However, in most cases and if possible, it is better to take your critiques and concerns regarding content to the original website. Please don’t complain to me about links that only bother you if the only issue is that they represent a different religion or worldview paradigm to that which you personally ascribe to.

I also often share groups of links under the tag “What I’m reading online,” in which I share collections of articles, blog posts and links that have recently caught my attention.

This page first published: 13 October 2014

This page last updated: 29 October 2015


  • Pray As You Go – Jesuit podcast – a short daily podcast covering a meditative reading of scripture, religious music from around the world, and historical anecdotes.
  • Rachel Held Evans – evangelical-turned-episcopalean Christian writer
  • Nadia Bolz-Weber – Lutheran pastor
  • Christians for Biblical Equality – critiquing patriarchal and complementarian practices in the church
  • Canyonwalker Connections – straight allies and Christians seeking inclusion and acceptance of LGBTQI people in the church
  • Crumbs from the Communion Table – Justin Lee, author of Torn and founder of the Gay Christian Network.
  • Fr James Martin, SJ – Jesuit priest and author
  • Taizé – French ecumenical worship community, music and prayer in a mix of Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox styles
  • Sunday Everyday – an Australian Christian blog featuring regular interviews, theological discussions, creative arts, and spiritual meditations. The blog editor was, at the time I met her, a pastor from the Pentecostal church I attend, and the blog draws from the ideas of Christians across denominations.
  • Quantum Theology – the intersection of science and faith by a US-based writer who is both a Professor of Chemistry and a Catholic.
  • Sarah Bessey – Pentecostal writer and feminist.
  • Jesus Without Baggage


  • Open2Study Free Introductory Courses – I have taken some of these courses and thoroughly enjoyed them. They are presented by a variety of Australian-based universities but (at the time of writing) are free and available to people regardless of your location. These courses provide an array of suggested further learning materials as well as helping potential students select a University pathway. Also includes social sciences, business, health and education courses.
  • Open2Study: Climate Change – a high-quality overview of the science behind climate change. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, this course will help you understand why the vast majority of scientists see Climate Change as a significant environmental issue, and its potential impacts on human society, as well as practical measures we can take in our own lives to improve the future outcomes. Highly recommended. Presented by Macquarie University, Australia, with special guest interviews with Professor Tim Flannery of the Climate Council.
  • Open2Study: Astronomy – a fascinating introduction to the universe. Presented by Curtin University, Australia.



  • No Longer Qivering – exploring the “Quiverfull” movement from the perspective of people raised in that system.
  • Ezzo Info – evaluating the medical and spiritual content of the “Babywise” or “Raising Kids God’s Way” parenting system.
  • Love Joy Feminism – a former homeschooler and “Quiverfull”-raised woman writing from her Atheist perspective.
  • Spiritual Sounding Board – critiquing fundamentalist “churchianity” and abusive homeschooling practices.
  • Liberty for Captives – theologian writing about cults.
  • Elizabeth Esther – fundamentalist cult survivor and Catholic writer.
  • Sketches By Boze – cult survivor and writer.




  • Beyond Blue – help for Australians living with anxiety and depression
  • Narcissists Suck – articles relating to life with narcissistic family members.






Page first published: October 2014

Page last updated: 27 November 2015