NaNoWriMo Journal 2015: 12

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The next three days are going to be busy. It’s 10.30 am now, and ideally by 3 pm this afternoon I will have 36,666 words, at least, to compensate for the busyness of the upcoming weekend. It’s not particularly realistic for me to aim for 6,100+ words in a single day, though, and so I will just have to do what I can. I’ve strapped up my wrist because it’s starting to hurt from typing and I really don’t want to injure myself.


19 November 2015 – bandaging my wrists, to give them greater support while typing for long amounts of time, is easier said than done in a household run by cats.

I had a stressful start to the day. After moments like that it’s exceedingly difficult to rein in my anxiety and calm down enough to get through the day. It’s even harder to then sit down and look at my Scrivener session target knowing that I need another 6,000 words in the next few hours!

My story is, thankfully, proving relatively “easy” to write. Oh yes, in true mid-NaNoWriMo form I’m looking at it like it’s possibly the worst book ever written (then I recall the time I read Moon People, which takes pride of place on my bookshelf, and I can say with confidence it’s at least on a par with that book, and that book is mighty popular), but the story and its characters are many times more interesting than my Nano 2014 story. That’s positive. I see a lot of potential in this story and I think it deserves a second draft attempt once Nano is finished.

Meanwhile, I’m finding new and creative ways to procrastinate writing, and I don’t just mean my obvious increase in WordPress usage of late.. Last night I amused myself making diptych portraits of my Anglo-Ukrainian husband with images of historically notable Eastern Slavic people who had the same hairline and similar facial hair to him. I’m not sure he found it that funny but the important thing is that it made me laugh.


This guy is Fyodor Pirotsky, Ukrainian electrical engineer and inventor of the electric tram. Those of you who know my husband will note not just the freakish physical resemblance but the fact that The Husband is also an electrical engineer of Ukrainian heritage who works in the tram and train industry. Image source: Wikipedia.

Current word count: 30,916 / 50,000 words

Today’s writing soundtrack: Nothing… Just the birds singing outside and the cats snoozing by the window. I found this list of Australian suburban birds and their songs quite interesting. We get a lot the birds listed around here: wagtails, wattle birds, cockatoos, galahs, blackbirds, doves, magpie-larks, corellas, magpies, ravens, wrens and more. I love how their songs subtly change throughout the seasons. Right now there’s a huge flock of rainbow lorikeets screeching outside my window.

Flashback Friday – baby Riker and his siblings, circa November 2013

1402223_10152040785720747_1106415545_oThis is a photo from late 2013. I didn’t take it. It was sent to us by a friend who had a friend who had a friend who had ended up with a litter of kittens needing homes. It’s a long story, but these little guys were very lucky to be taken in by a kind lady who intervened when she heard they were to be euthanised for the sole reason that they were born to a cat whose family couldn’t bother spaying her. I recently found this image while going through old photo files.

The tabby at the top right is my baby Riker, who came home with us a few weeks after this image was taken. He had a rough start to life before being taken in by some people who got the litter much-needed vaccinations and flea treatment and baths. Our friends took in the ginger tabby at the bottom right who, amazingly enough, is a female cat. Ginger females are meant to be rare; though I personally know three people with ginger female cats, so maybe the notion that they’re an impossible colour and gender combination needs to be reassessed. I’ve heard that the long haired kittens in the litter ended up bigger-than-average, our Riker included. I am fairly certain that he has Siberian Cat heritage somewhere in his recent ancestry. The short haired kittens in the litter ended up average-sized.

I am very grateful for now-not-so-little Riker coming into my life. I can’t imagine how I coped for so long without animal companions. Riker and our slightly younger cat Odin have been a ray of sunshine in our family’s life.

Joyful Cat


Odin looking pretty happy. July 2015.

Great is the joy of a cat who actually likes belly rubs. In this case, you can give Odin about 15 belly rubs before the claws come out.

Our other cat Riker allows precisely 1/4 of a belly rub before he sinks his teeth into one’s hand.