New Stickers

I’ve been plugging away (slowly) at trying to get the hang of digital art. At this stage I am using MediBang Paint Pro – if I continue to progress I plan to upgrade to one of the more professional art programmes, but that said MediBang Paint is proving to be a wonderful learning tool. I have a Wacom Intuos tablet that is absolutely fantastic.

Recently I’ve been focusing on trying to design stickers. Fun, die-cut vinyl stickers with bright and bold designs. Here are some of my recent designs. At the time of writing, they are available to buy from my RedBubble store – but this is subject to change without notice.

I’ve been in the Hallowe’en mood ever since September arrived and I hope to soon get a few more designs into my “Spooky” gallery. Here’s hoping enough customers buy up big on my stickers so that I can make ends meet during NaNoWriMo season!

All of these are my own, original artworks, drawn from my own imagination. Screenshots taken from my RedBubble portfolio. (Prices here shown in AUD and correct at the time of publishing this blog post.)






Here are some work in progress screenshots, showing how I made the Unicorn sticker design. These are all “hand drawn” (using a digital stylus with a Wacom tablet) from scratch. I do not trace nor copy anyone else’s art to create these designs.