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I’ve been a vegetarian since 1995. For most of that I’ve identified as lacto-ovo vegetarian but these days sit more on the (imperfect) vegan end of the spectrum.

My vegetarianism originally came out of my experiences working in dairy, beef and sheep farming – I just couldn’t look these animals in the eye and then eat them. I couldn’t logically work around the idea that some animals are protected and others are considered food. As I’ve progressed on the plant-based journey I’ve learned more about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, the ethical and philosophical problems with animal consumption, and the health benefits of a good vegetarian and vegan lifestyle based on a variety of whole foods.

Occasionally on this blog I’ll share little tidbits about how my family (all four of us) go about living a plant-based lifestyle as far as we can manage.

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None of what I share in this category is intended as medical or nutritional advice. I am sharing things I personally use, like, eat, or am writing from the environmental sociology perspective. It is imperative that you seek professional advice from an appropriately qualified health expert if you decide to transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Please note: I am based in Victoria, Australia. I cannot tell you if any products shared are available in your own part of the world.


My Vegetarian Testimony

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This page updated: May 2015