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October 2016 Art

I didn’t manage to catch the Inktober train this year but I have been drawing regularly prior to NaNoWriMo. I want to get as much drawing out of my system as I can, before I disappear into the realm of words for a whole month.

Here are some of today’s efforts so far!

A Velociraptor sticker design.


Velociraptor-inspired digital painting –

Work-in-progress screenshots.

The reference picture in the bottom right corner is from Wikipedia’s Velociraptor mongoliensis page.


Work in progress screenshot, 1.


Work in progress screenshot, 2.

RedBubble Cover Image.

I also finally got around to making a header picture to emblazon the top of my RedBubble portfolio. After several false starts, I settle for a pink, purple and blue unicorn galloping through space. I think that this, more than anything else that I attempted, best summarises the type of art I have in my portfolio!


Cover/header for my RedBubble portfolio. Digital painting –







New Stickers

I’ve been plugging away (slowly) at trying to get the hang of digital art. At this stage I am using MediBang Paint Pro – if I continue to progress I plan to upgrade to one of the more professional art programmes, but that said MediBang Paint is proving to be a wonderful learning tool. I have a Wacom Intuos tablet that is absolutely fantastic.


Painting in progress: Desert Santa


23 November 2015 – watercolour pencil, watercolour paint and watercolour pastel on paper. 210x297mm, 180gsm coarse paper.

I’m taking a break from writing and have dragged out the paints. I’m feeling Christmassy, so here’s Aussie-fied Santa Claus in the desert. 

I call it a Narwhalicornceros

The idea for this drawing came to me while looking at photos of horses running across beaches and listening to the Viking-themed melodic death metal band Amon Amarth. I call this creature a Narwhalicornceros* and I hope to share the finished product on my RedBubble portfolio – once I can wrest control of the computer with the scanner away from my Minecraft-playing son.

*I imagined and invented this, and don’t know of anything similar that other people have created, though I concede that the concept of a Merhorse probably isn’t that original! - works in progress, 13 September, 2015 – works in progress, 13 September, 2015

Edit (21 September 2015): “Narwhalicornceros” is now available for sale on a variety of printed products at my RedBubble Portfolio.