Nocturne (2013)

Here’s another tasty piece of TesseracT awesomeness for your listening pleasure. On an entirely related note, I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t realise they were touring Australia until a day before they played in Melbourne. Bummer. Here’s hoping they come back sometime so I can see them in the flesh.


Of Matter (Live In Studio) (2013)

Ooh, I just love this album. I’m rediscovering TesseracT‘s older music – which I first heard about 1 – 2 years ago – as they recently released a new album, Polaris (2015), which is just brilliant, by the way. It’s on high rotation on my Spotify account and I’ve bought hard copies to give as gifts, I love it that much. And I was pretty excited that the band liked one of my pictures from last week on Instagram so hey, no complaints there. (I love the way social media can connect people to musicians, actors and artists they admire, by the way.)

I love this older stuff, too. This video is of a different vocalist to the current line up. I think the thing that most grabs me about progressive music, in general, is the complex bass guitar lines. As a frustrated 5-string bassist myself, who once had a year-long stint as the bassist and token woman in a Slipknot and Coal Chamber-influenced metal band, I love hearing what’s possible on my beloved instrument. I might, at some other point, go into the long story about why I stopped playing for years – but not now. Just listen and enjoy.