NaNoWriMo 2016 Days 8, 9, 10

Current word count, as at 10 November 2016: 23,092/50,000 words. I’m doing way better on word count this time around, as compared to previous years. It’s quite exciting!


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Laudate Dominum (1998)

My first encounter with this song was as a teenager in the late 1990s, learning it on flute for a Catholic mass. For many years I didn’t hear it again, but occasionally it would get stuck on repeat in my mind. Then when we moved house earlier this year I discovered my old flute sheet music folder – with this song in it, a photocopy of the handwritten flute part. Iplayed it on the piano for the kids, telling them how much I missed the old style hymns.

Then, in the last year or two as we’ve gone on a bit of a discovery journey learning about contemplative Christianity, Taizé-style worship came up as an option for young adults interested in exploring their spirituality. One night my husband was listening to Taizé music when I suddenly realised I was hearing this song – ‘Laudate Dominum,’ sung by the Taizé musicians. We have since attended a local Taizé-style prayer meeting and I hope to go again. It’s not for everyone, and it is probably the direct antithesis of the Pentecostal-style church I’ve attended for the last decade, but I loved the simplicity of it, the depth of the lyrics and the way it was all centred on Christ through icons and symbols – not on the performance of the musicians, who were seated to the side so that they wouldn’t steal the show.