goth music

Delirium (2016) + Cybersleep (2014)

[Note: contains some gory / horror themes for the more sensitive viewers!]

“Subconscious lies
Dream within a dream
But I’m not afraid of this illusion
Still inside my head
Take me there
Just take my hand
And help me fly
Try to understand…”

Less than 48 hours remain until I finally get to see the mighty Italian goth-metal band Lacuna Coil live in concert on their Delirium world tour!


Music: Lacuna Coil Live 2016

I stumbled across this live concert video of Lacuna Coil and really enjoyed it. I’ll be seeing them live in concert later in 2016 when they tour Australia, and I can’t wait. I have been obsessed with Lacuna Coil from the first moment I saw the “Within Me” video clip… Which I’ve probably already shared here (I have definitely shared it on my Facebook more times than reasonable, especially as I know a grand total of maybe one or two other people in my real life who actually like this band!). But hey, who doesn’t need a bit of Italian goth metal in their life!? I know that the songs, the imagery, their expressiveness, and the immense creativity of the beautiful Cristina Scabbia have been a source of great inspiration to me.

I’ve been known to listen to this song multiple times in a single day. Obsessed? Just a little…