Expanded Universe

Books: The Force Awakens

As promised, here is the first installment in some March 2016 book reviews, quotes, and responses to books that I’m currently reading. This Lent I decided to fast facebook and alcohol and have been using the increased time and greater clarity of mind to invest in reading books.

Round one, the various Star Wars: The Force Awakens books. These represent the first books I’ve read in the Star Wars universe that are not what us ooooold (late 20-something and above) Star Wars fans would call Expanded Universe. The EU, that’s what the younger fans (teens and early 20-somethings) call non-canon – or ‘Legends,’ if they’re feeling a bit more charitable. Having been informed by countless young fans on SW discussion forums that the EU is non-canon, I’d like to point out that I am fully aware of this fact, and also that considering it’s an entirely fictional universe, we can probably all just calm down a bit and appreciate the EU stories for what they are: bloomin’ good tales about the characters we love.