June – July 2016: Scenes from my sketchbook


Inspired by the super cute superb fairy wren, a bird I see fairly frequently when I visit my parents’ house.



Sketchbook: Animals in Ink





Inspired by a Philippine eagle.


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Updating my RedBubble portfolio

I’ve been going through the fairly labour-intensive process of updating my RedBubble portfolio to accommodate their newer ranges of products. When I first joined, it was just art prints and t-shirts. I love their new product ranges, though I have to actively edit each of my artworks to suit the various new products. In many cases I’m really happy with the results. New products like spiral-bound notebooks and scarves have given my drawings a new lease of life.

Technically my art is “just” a hobby. It by no means produces a liveable income – as helpful as that would be (Australia’s complex tax laws aside!). My day job is a stay-at-home-parent, but I am looking to take on my visual arts and writing as more serious pursuits. In particular, my writing is something that I want to develop to a much higher standard. It’s a good way to keep the brain going before the kids are self-sufficiently old enough for me to head back to university. But I am profoundly grateful that so many people seem to enjoy my art, and do so enough to buy items from my RedBubble portfolio. It’s very encouraging and it keeps me motivated to continually work on improving my illustration and painting skills.

Here is a list of some of my newly-updated artworks*:

  1. Snowstorm Beardstorm” – a Viking-themed ink illustration from 2013. (Shown in the above screenshot.)
  2. City Skyline” – a sepia-toned ink illustration of skyscrapers and cloudy skies. 2015.
  3. Narwhalicornceros” – an imagined creature I drew in sepia ink. 2015.
  4. Messenger” – a dark angelic figure brings a message. Acrylic on canvas sheet. 2013.
  5. Jesus Heart” – inspired by sacred heart of Jesus imagery. Acrylic on canvas sheet. 2013.
  6. Wine Cask(et)” – a macabre illustration involving murderous wine bottles. Ink on paper. 2013.
  7. Yellow Robin” – photograph taken in South Gippsland, Australia. 2012.
  8. Unicorn” – a purple-toned ink illustration of a Unicorn. Specifically designed by request for a friend who wanted a new phone case. 2012.
  9. Crimson Rosella, Silvan Reservoir” – photograph taken in Silvan Reservoir, Australia. 2012.
  10. Kookaburra, Silvan Reservoir” – photograph taken in Silvan Reservoir, Australia. 2012.
  11. Renaissance Cat Rides a Unicorn” – ink on paper. 2011.
  12. Womanly Tentacle Monster” – I can’t describe this one. It’s just one of those weird things that pops out of my imagination. Ink on paper. 2011.
  13. Blue-Eyed Purple Unicorn” – pencil on paper.
  14. Pink Pegasus Woodcut Style” – a phone case that I designed for myself. 2012.
  15. Angus heifers in the South Gippsland hills” – photograph from 2012.
  16. Tentacle Monster and Woolly Quadruped” – fantasy creatures inspired by, of all things, the water running down the shower screen and the abstract forms of the rivulets of water. Yeah, the shower is my meditative thinking space. Ink on paper. 2011.

*Far distant future readers may find that some of these links are no longer active. To see currently available products, please go to!

**I’ve noticed that RedBubble currently has customer reviews listed against each work. Please note, these reviews are in response to RedBubble.Com’s product range in general and do not necessarily refer to the satisfaction levels of my own works’ customers.


I recently bought a little notepad from a newsagents – basically, don’t let me anywhere near a stationery store without supervision because I will buy something I probably don’t need. It was meant to be a little shopping list notepad but I found that I love the feel of the pencils on the smooth paper. For a cheap little book it has surprisingly good quality paper, and a lot of it. Here’s some of the results of recent little pencil sketches on that paper. I wasn’t trying too hard to follow any rules. I was just enjoying the texture of the pencils (Derwent Artists and Faber-Castell Classics) on the paper. I wasn’t following a particular theme, either, though some of these came about while I was reading a photographic book about the history of the domestication of farm livestock.

2015-03-03 at 13-02-52 2015-03-03 at 13-10-20 2015-03-03 at 13-11-10 2015-03-03 at 13-30-45 2015-03-03 at 13-31-35 2015-03-03 at 13-32-19