NaPoWriMo 2016: Introductory Notes

A word before I begin sharing my NaPoWriMo posts (and please be gentle!). I am keenly aware that what I have written so far is probably more prose than poetry. So for any of you far more gifted poets reading what I write, please forgive me for my fumbling use of rhythm and alliteration and structure.

What I have written so far seems to be turning into a narrative. One long, single narrative, rather than thirty discrete poems. As it stands, it will be best read in chronological order, day-by-day. I hope that as I journey onwards in this challenge I will somehow improve. I have tried writing multiple drafts of my first piece and am still dissatisfied by my effort. However, in the end I have committed to share what I write and will do so for as long as I remain a competitor.

If any of you particularly like any of my posts for NaPoWriMo, please consider leaving a rating or hit the ‘Like’ button. Thank you for your patience as I wrestle with the task of trying to improve my skill set as a writer!