NaNoWriMo Journal 2015: 18

Monday, 30 November 2015

9.25 am. This is it. I have roughly six hours before the kids finish school for the day and I have to write the entirety of the rest of my NaNoWriMo entry between now and then or I’m quite possibly not going to win. I had fully intended to finish it by last Friday but sometimes real life isn’t as straightforward and co-operative as I need it to be. Child No.2’s ballet concert and all its surrounding rehearsals, make up and hair requirements took a lot of time and effort and there’s just no speeding up the process. Child No. 1 had a number of social activities interspersed through the hectic ballet schedule. It took a lot of juggling cars, schedules and energy to help them through the weekend without anyone falling apart.

The good news is that the ballet concerts went very well and it’s so good to see Child No.2 pursuing a hobby that combines athleticism, self-discipline, socialising, music and creative expression. As I watched the performances of the older teenage and young adult dancers from the same school, I really got the sense how wonderful for their body confidence, strength and creativity it must be. The school is quite diverse, too, so a number of body shapes were represented – there’s none of this forcing girls into a single mould of outward appearance. I really think that’s great. There were girls there who did not possess the stereotypical ballerina physique – but that didn’t matter, because they all danced with great technique and skill and personality.

I look forward to completing Nano and getting back into art and, hopefully, giving the house a much-needed pre-Christmas and pre-summer holidays decluttering and cleaning. The veggie garden needs some attention, and so do the piles of papers needing filing.

My coffee’s ready, so it’s time to start!

Current word count: 45,806 / 50,000 words

Today’s writing soundtrack: Her Music for Advent and Christmas by Margaret Rizza. Her music compositions are just beautiful.