Interesting Links

Earlier today I stumbled across this blog and in an act of nano-procrastinating brilliance (sigh) I skim read nearly four years’ worth of posts. It’s a little scary yet personally fascinating how much it echoes my experiences with a tiny handful of people that I met in the last 15 years – right down to the religious conspiracy theories.

I hasten to add that I believe this is in no way representative of anyone in my family. Even though the blog is dealing with the author’s own narcissistic mother and sister, I do not see my own parents, sibling, children, grandparents, cousins, aunts or uncles as represented by this disorder.

I find something liberating in discovering that many of my struggles and the sharp decline in my mental health can be explained through the studies and shared stories of people who’ve been stuck struggling with narcissistic relationships. How horrible it is to be a relatively gullible individual so set on finding the good in others that I allowed them to control and manipulate me for so long. There’s so much to process and learn, so that I can stand up for myself and draw healthy boundaries. This site might help others struggling with similar circumstances.