NaNoWriMo Journal 2015: 15

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

It seems to me that Nano, third time around, is a whole lot easier than in previous years. Perhaps it’s just that I have a better sense of how it pans out, and how much easier it is if I force myself to write every single day.

Not that life hasn’t tried to throw a few hurdles in my path. Whether having one kid sick home from school or another child getting into a whole lot of trouble and the whole-family stress it generates when said child loses iPad privileges as a result. As I told them, if I were a parent who couldn’t care less then we wouldn’t have set these boundaries and upheld the rule. But to cross that agreed and clearly articulated boundary is to lose their electronic devices one-by-one until they’re reduced to primitive forms of entertainment like books, playing with the pets, totem tennis, bike riding, drawing and painting, craft, going to the playground, playing piano and guitar, jumping on the trampoline, riding the scooter or the skateboard, talking to people, swimming, planting flowers, even just doing homework projects. You know, that caveman stuff that us 1980s kids suffered through.

On top of that Child No. 2’s annual ballet school concert is coming up this week, that magical time when housewives have to morph into semi-pro hair and makeup artists. Admittedly I don’t mind, now I actually grasp how to do a proper ballet bun – but it took a lot of studying YouTube tutorials and practice before it sunk in. This year the concerts are spread over two days instead of just one so I’m stuck doing the hair and makeup twice (not to mention two weeks ago when they had their portraits taken at the dance school). And at exactly the same time Child No. 1 has a graduation event at the volunteer training programme he’s attended all year. A mix of practical experience and theology homework (as you do) it has proven to be a positive experience for him and he hopes to continue next year.

Well, the kettle has boiled and my morning cup of plunger coffee awaits (fair trade, roasted beans, ground at home, served as black as my cold metal soul). Time to crank up this word count before the busyness of the concert / weekend / other appointments / normal weekly commitments drowns me in exhaustion!

Current word count: 38,159 / 50,000 words.

Today’s writing soundtrack: Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi. Modern classical-style piano compositions. Beyond beautiful.


Do yourself a favour: turn this up, close your eyes, and just listen. I have to close my eyes because Einuadi looks so freakishly like my father that I find it distracting! 😉