NaNoWriMo Journal 2015: 4

Friday, 6 November 2015

Can’t talk. Writing.

Also finished my Astronomy course assessments today, and I passed, so hopefully by next week I’ll have my final results and certificate of achievement. Interestingly I’ve noticed that since doing this course I’m using a lot more space analogies in my story. Yesterday I likened something to a pulsar; today to a black hole.

Yesterday we had a tiny tornado touch down somewhere near the Melbourne airport. Melbourne weather is crazy at the best of times, but yesterday managed to pack every season into the space of two hours. One moment we’re receiving Bureau of Meteorology warnings to take shelter, a tornado is coming (they aren’t meant to happen so far south of the equator); half an hour later, no exaggeration, it was hot and humid and sunny. It made for some fascinating cloud formations.

We have a saying here, “If you don’t like the weather, look out a different window.” It proved to be very true yesterday. There’s a popular instagram hashtag, #melbourneweather, which often shows the absurd flip-flopping of our local climate here.

Current word count: 11,203 words.

Today’s writing soundtrack: the sound of two cats snoring in the clean washing pile.

So many Melbournians shared this picture yesterday that I had to share it, too. I have no idea who made the original post.