Nanowrimo Preparation: Reading awesome books about stuff

Almanac of the Uncanny

First shared on my Instagram, October 2015. 

Nanowrimo 2015 preparation: I’ve got lists of possible character and place names. A few detailed plot threads that might work. Now I’m reading through one of my all-time favourite books, the Reader’s Digest Almanac of the Uncanny, and I feel inspired with new directions to take the plot. Ah, the excitement. I love that Nano gives me an excuse to channel the pent-up creativity and release it in story form. Those stories usually involving strong women lead characters and extra terrestrial love interests. Because… well, I have no idea why. This year I might try to take it a different direction. Still with butt-kicking women characters, of course, that’s a given when I write, but less, you know, strangely attractive aliens. 😏💚👽