Blogging Question – any readers who know the answer are most welcome to respond!

Here’s a question – where did the WordPress “Like” buttons go? I don’t always have a comment or rating for a blog post, but I do like to acknowledge others’ good posts when I read them as a form of response. Is it just me, or have WordPress in fact removed the “Like” button?

Edit: I note that the button sporadically appears on some of my posts. I wonder why that is?

Another edit: This could be as simple as me accidentally unchecking the “Show Likes” option. However, I’ve noticed fewer and fewer blogs with “Like” options.


  1. I clicked through several of your posts and they all have the Like button for me. Maybe some people have that feature turned off. I know there’s a setting somewhere that lets you choose what buttons you have showing for each post. And you do have to be actually on the post, not on their posts page.

    I don’t know if that really helped at all, just my observations as well.

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      1. I tried to keep a look out as a looked through other blogs last night, but all I noticed was the like up in the top right corner that WordPress puts there with the follow button. You’re right though a lot of times it wasn’t on the actual post.

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