Around the Garden – September, 2015

11 September 2015 – Tesselaar tulips

11 September 2015 – Bunnings tulips

12 September 2015 – The kids helping with a neglected section of the garden.

12 September 2015 – Getting the kids to help really improved the appearance of the garden.

12 September 2015 – the view from the front window

12 September 2015 – late afternoon sunshine through the apricot trees.

12 September 2015 – Flowers on the Tuscan kale.

14 September 2015 – Apricot blossoms.

14 September 2015 – The weeds have overtaken the veggie garden and it’s going to take a lot of hard work, digging and planting to tidy it up. The kids cleared the patch of soil that our cat Riker decided was for him.

16 September 2015 – Sweet corn and tomato seedlings in the mini-greenhouse waiting to be planted.

17 September 2015 – Writing labels to remember where I’ve planted out the seeds. In September I planted 1,500 alyssum seeds. I may have gone overboard, but I just love those little flowers. They remind me of my grandparents’ garden.

18 September 2015 – We had a salad made from homegrown veggies. All of the ingredients shown here were picked out of the garden half an hour earlier.

19 September 2015 – We live at a rental house. Our landlords clearly loved their garden while they lived here (we’re the first tenants they’ve ever had) – but it seems that they never thought to plant a single native plant (they’re migrants from Europe and I think the plants they liked must’ve been the ones that reminded them of home!). Here is a small callistemon (bottle brush) that I planted. They produce lovely big red flowers that attract native birds.

19 September 2015 – after clearing away some weeds in the veggie garden I uncovered some lettuces, parsley and tiny strawberry plants.

19 September 2015 – I planted out the sweetcorn and tomatoes. I also scattered tomato seeds around the weeded sections of the garden.

19 September 2015 – having tidied up a lot more of the veggie garden, I scattered around some onion, nasturtium and chive seeds.

23 September 2015 – I hammered in some stakes and sectioned off the veggie garden. Now The Husband knows where to mow and he hopefully won’t run over the veggie seedlings! I also find that the line makes the garden look a lot more deliberate. Rather than being a haphazard collection of weeds and veggies, it makes it clear that it’s a garden bed in progress.

23 September 2015 – A much tidier-looking veggie garden. The cat run is to the right. The cats get most of their outdoor time inside the run. This is partly to keep them safe, as well as to protect the wildlife. Domestic cats wreak havoc on Australian native animals and birds. In the foreground of the veggie garden are some massive cauliflowers I grew from Aldi-brand seeds that my grandmother gave me.