New unlined notebook

It’s not that I’m fearful of a blank canvas, so much that I sense a great weight and solemnity in the process of drawing in a new sketchbook or notebook; as if I have a responsibility to treat it with respect as I deface the pristine pages with permanent ink.

This Kikki K book has 365 numbered pages. The idea is to sketch or write something each day. I have one from a few years ago, too. Based on past experience, I am not normally so disciplined as to maintain a strictly daily practice of tangible creativity. But this year I’m trying to use the increased time and space I have to work on drawing and writing more regularly, in reading more challenging texts, in absorbing as much silence and spirituality as I can. So a daily sketch (or perhaps every second day) should fit fairly easily into the routine.

19 August, 2015 – starting a new sketchbook