Scenes from this year’s reading pile: Anne Rice and Lovecraft



You don’t have to spend much time with me before I’m quoting one of my all-time favourite authors Anne Rice at you. Now, I will up front admit that I don’t find all of her books to my taste, but that’s fine – she’s just such a diverse writer that her work can appeal to so many different readers. I recently went through a huge decluttering process with my excessively large book collection and am now pleased to say I have more shelf room for my Anne Rice books. Somehow H. P. Lovecraft snuck his way onto the shelf, too. While I was aware of Lovecraftian themes for years, it wasn’t until last year that I decided to explore his universe of non-Euclidean geometric forms entering physical spaces, octopus gods, and strange happenings in backwater American villages. It made me wonder why I took so long to read him!



Sometimes my favourite thing to do on a cold, rainy day is snuggle up with an Anne Rice novel, a cat and a hot water bottle and start following the crazy immortal adventures of the wild rock star-esque vampire Lestat. My cat Riker very nearly ended up being called Lestat, until we quickly determined it didn’t suit his personality in the slightest!



Oh, beautiful Prince Lestat is a masterpiece. I borrowed it from the library and finished it within a few days. But despite the book being nearly 500 pages, I lamented that it was simply too short. The complex storylines in the previous novels in the Vampire Chronicles series, which began in 1976 with the novel Interview With the Vampire, finds a lot of much-needed closure (from this fan’s perspective) in 2014’s Prince Lestat. I am a huge admirer of Anne Rice’s incredible mind, her compassion for people, and her excellent writing. Her Christ the Lord novels were spectacular works, and I highly recommend them as a starting point for people who don’t like vampires, witches or werewolves.