Day: July 7, 2015

Decluttering Adventures: Old Art 1

For about two years now I’ve been trying to declutter and minimise my possessions. Sometimes that entails throwing out old sketchbooks – after ripping out the pages I want to keep in my portfolio. While I always try to draw or paint to the best of my current abilities, over the years as my abilities progress (thankfully!) I am able to make clearer-headed decisions about what to keep. The rest I think of as good practice.

I wanted to share some art works I found while decluttering old sketchbooks, and will do so over a series of posts on here.

All of them were photographed on a Nikon D90 camera. Due to their large size I was unable to fit them onto my scanner! In addition to that, we recently changed to a new photographic software programme on the computer and I haven’t yet learned how to stitch together multiple scanner files (I’m better at the drawing end than the agonising post-production process, anyway!).

28 June 2007

28 June 2007 – Zalmoxes

A 2007 ink fineliner sketch inspired by the Romanian dinosaur genus Zalmoxes.