Squandering / Enjoying My Friday

Life’s been hectic recently. Too many social engagements filling up my schedule and no end in sight. Appointments, the landlords doing some repair work on the house (grateful for diligent landlords; still stressed by having people in the house!), run down and sick and needing some introvert down time.

I had a heap of housework to do today on top of the usual day to day routine. And some days I say to myself, you know what? The housework will wait. I’m going to relax.

“Townsmen” it is. It’s a game for iOS that I played so often two years ago that I actually forked out the money to buy the ad-free version. I haven’t touched it in a while. But when I looked at the piles of washing, the piles of leaves on the paving outside, the dishes that needed a wash, I made a decision. Today, I will rest and play a game that probably has no eternal significance, but quite frankly, I could do with a few minutes (hour… Or two hours) of making pixelated roads for pixelated villagers who hate me for raising the taxes. Six months ago I also started playing Age of Empires III, which takes me back to wonderful times playing A of E as an occasionally unemployed still stuck at home high school graduate in the early 2000s just desperately trying to fill in that awful gap year waiting for university and not having a job because I lived in a town with low job availability and high levels of nepotism.

I’ll make up for this lapse in intellectual blogging by reading Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’ and hopefully being inspired to write something more coherent and high brow than “hey, I spent half the day playing video games on my phone.”

But it did get me thinking – isn’t it funny how hard it is – as a mother and housewife and educated person with a million things to do – to just stop and just rest for a moment and do something purely for lighthearted fun? Like building tiny little video game towns and watching them complain that the wheat won’t grow in the snow.

“Townsmen” – iOS game – screenshot from my iPhone 5C

I have Laudato Si’ (2015) on my kindle. I downloaded it as a PDF from the Vatican website.