May Art

In a recent post I mentioned that I was drawing images inspired by the book Almanac of the Uncanny by Reader’s Digest Australia (1995). Here are some of the resulting illustrations. Most of the work was ink fineliner and felt tip marker on paper.

I liked the etching illustration of kraken in the book – I’m afraid my gaudy felt tip marker sketch doesn’t quite capture the terror that the French sailors must’ve experienced when they harpooned a kraken in the 1860s.

2015-05-flokotredbubblecom-1 - 3

In the Middle Ages there were tales of fish and miniature crosses raining down from the sky. With them came fantastic woodcut illustrations of these odd phenomena. The raining fish (and presumably cats and dogs at some point) are these days attributed to the likely outcome of a particularly severe cyclone. I like this theme and will probably return to it at some point.

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