Day: May 19, 2015

May Art

In a recent post I mentioned that I was drawing images inspired by the book Almanac of the Uncanny by Reader’s Digest Australia (1995). Here are some of the resulting illustrations. Most of the work was ink fineliner and felt tip marker on paper.

I have included watermarks due to a recent increase in the number of my images being shared, without credit, on social media. I hope they don’t detract from the images!

I am not making any statement as to whether or not I believe these events were objective reality. I do enjoy the notion of unsolvable mysteries, the strange, the uncanny and the supernatural and find it good fodder for creative expression.

The Mowing Devil is inspired by 17th century tales of a mysterious being that harvested crops during the night – basically, a pre-science fiction era answer to crop circles.

2015-05-flokotredbubblecom-1 - 1

This was inspired by eyewitness sketches of a strange UFO that hovered over England in the 1970s. It looks suspiciously like some sort of emergency services vehicle light shining through the fog in the illustrations I saw – but who knows, maybe extraterrestrials are some sort of interplanetary law enforcement service.

2015-05-flokotredbubblecom-1 - 2