Currently Reading and Watching: Sacred Spaces and Father Ted

I did quite well out of the Mother’s Day gifts. A box set of Father Ted – the complete DVD series. And a book my family gave me, Sacred Spaces: Stations on a Celtic Way by Margaret Silf. There’s a definite Irish Catholic vibe happening here. Just don’t let the more pious Catholic members of the family know that I find Father Ted more hilarious than offensive. As for me, I am enjoying reliving a tv series I loved as a teenager.

Sacred Spaces is so far a brilliant book. Once in a while a life changing book crosses my path and I think this may be one of them. Written from the perspective of an English Celtic Jesuit-trained spiritual director, it explores various aspects of Celtic symbolism as markers on the spiritual journey. Groves, high Crosses (and standing stones), wells, springs and more are explored as physical representations of the places where the spiritual, mystical and human worlds overlap. I am thoroughly enjoying it. It seems that every paragraph is laden with meaning. I am certain that I will return again and again to this book.
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