Voices from Regional Vic: Enough with the anti-wind scare tactics

I started following this blog a while back and find their articles really interesting and useful for those of us keen to see Australia move towards more renewable systems of energy production. Our country has a lot of sun and wind – let’s make use of it! Please consider following their blog to learn more about the politics surrounding renewable energy in Australia.

Anti-wind farm activistsAt the turn of the decade, the anti-wind lobby escalated its campaign of exaggeration, cherry-picking, and scare tactics. Just five years later, community members from regional Victoria are saying enough is enough.

Ararat local, Russell Pearse, calls out the tactics of anti-winders in a letter to the editor published in The Advertiser:

Ms Holmes (27/3/2015) has some issues with the granting of a planning permit for the proposed Bulgana Wind Farm, but is unlikely to find any allies in the community while resorting to factual exaggeration and emotive language which is more reminiscent of the infamous “Waubra Foundation”.

There is an inference that Council is incapable of approving such projects. That is why Councils employ staff and consultants to advise them on details, such as the inclusion of 15 special conditions regarding erosion control, which is mentioned as a potential issue.

Referring to “industrial wind factories” is a clue to…

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