Day: March 18, 2015

Mummy, did you draw a piggy?


Description from my original blog post

This was drawn in response to the insistent requests of my 3-year-old, who felt that rather than drawing Australian animals, I should turn my pencil to domestic livestock… (First a pig, then a calf!) The 5-year-old met this illustration with a, “wow! Mummy, did you draw a piggy?” then almost instantly lost interest and ran off to play the 3-year-old’s new keyboard.

I thought the ‘piggy’ was cute, so I figured I’d include it here!

Now for something slightly different but kind of on the same topic…!

I was reminded of an interesting tale in the history of anthropology. If you have come across “Nebraska man” in your science text books, one of the many supposed ‘missing links’ between apes and modern man, it may surprise you to know that it was based on a pig’s tooth!

Originally posted on A Humble Art Folio, 7 October 2007. 

*Note, as I re-share this old blog post from my blogging archives today, said 5-year-old, who was in kindergarten (preschool) at the time, is now in high school.