Day: March 16, 2015

Facing south at the family farm


Description from the original blog post

This oil pastel on canvas sketch was drawn in December 2006; it is based on a number of photos I took back in around 1998 of a family farm. What I was trying to do was achieve the sense of distance and depth without having any one particular object to focus on. I hope the viewer’s eye is drawn off into the distance. There was always something fascinating to me about this particular view from the farm. I think it was this concept that, on clear nights, you could see the lights of my hometown shining off in the distance; on very clear days, you could see this shimmery sparkling – probably the glint off the ocean.

I’ve tried to give the idea of distance by representing the different hills in different colours. This was achieved by blending varying amounts of the pastels – greens, yellows, blues and browns. Also, the trees dotted across the hillsides give a good clue as to the perspective involved.

I find landscapes very relaxing, both in drawing them and viewing them. I hope you enjoy it too!

Originally posted on A Humble Art Folio, 12 December 2006.