Hello to my new followers!

Hello, dear readers!

I have noticed a recent influx of new readers to this blog Streams & Desolations. I am very grateful to each one of you who has hit the WordPress “Follow” button or signed up for email updates. I do try to jump across and look at your own websites when time constraints allow.

I’d be interested in getting to know a bit more about who is reading my blog. If you wish, feel free to leave a comment below! (Please keep all comments friendly. Generally I keep comments closed because, well, trolls.)

  • Where are you from?
  • If you’re comfortable sharing it, I’d love to know a little about your heritage – I find different cultures, history and geneaolgy fascinating and love learning more about different people. (However, I loathe racism and will delete any hint of it from the comments section.)
  • What is the URL of your main website? What is is about? (In one or two sentences!)
  • What was it about my blog that intrigued or interested you enough to follow it, or at least read it? (For a number of you I suspect the answer is “blatant nepotism” and / or pre-existing friendship – and thank you!)
  • How would you label your current spiritual perspective or philosophical worldview? (Any negative or nasty comments in response to other people’s beliefs will be deleted – there’s room for everyone here.)


And fair’s fair – I ought not ask questions I wouldn’t be willing to answer myself – so here’s my response:

  • I’m from a coastal rural region called Gippsland in the state of Victoria, Australia. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • My nationality is Australian and my heritage is English-Scottish-Irish-Welsh-French-with a dash of Norwegian, but my extended family is a lot more diverse than that, and includes other Europeans, Asians and Indigenous Aussies. I’m married to an Aussie-raised guy who’s got English-Ukrainian heritage.
  • My other website is over at the online art portfolio RedBubble.Com. It’s where I peddle t-shirts with my drawings printed on them.
  • Why am I following this blog? It helps me stay up to date with what I’m doing when I remember that there are interesting social media websites for which I have accounts and that I do in fact exist outside of Facebook. I guess there’s an element of self-absorption there but hey, technically I’m Gen Y. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Simplest label I can think of is Christian Mysticism, with one foot in the Pentecostal church I married into, and one foot in the Catholic church I was raised in. (And people on either side of that would tell me they’re mutually exclusive but, meh, I’m inclined to disagree.)

I look forward to hearing from my readers.

(Please, please, please keep the answers civil!)

*Comments will eventually be closed on this post, so respond while you can! After that, feel free to say “hello” on the Guestbook.


  1. Currently live in Florida after retiring from the US Air Force as a Chaplain. Pastor of a Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation in the Florida Panhandle.

    Heritage is Scots-Irish and I am half-Canadian thanks to my mother 😊

    My blog is scotsirishpadreblog.wordpress.com

    Why follow? Your post on Ignatian Spirituality intrigued me… You followed me and so I followed you 😉

    Presbyterian minister, retired Air Force Chaplain, Progressive Christian… Best description I like? Christ Follower

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      1. Indeed… I am so tired of the hijacking of the term Christian by the fundamentalists… And what is done in the name of Christ. Saw it in the military and outside of it as well. Trying to remember who first introduced me to Christ Follower… But it fits for me 😊

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