Nanowrimo – Day 25 of 30 + Mongolian Folk Metal

Current word count: 33, 758 words out of 50, 000, and not much time left to make up the remaining 16, 242 words.

But I know that I can accomplish this. I did last year and by all rights the external conditions ought to be more conducive to effective writing.

My story is starting to take on a life of its own. There are plot twists that are happening without me being able to anticipate them. It’s an exciting stage, one that I experienced much earlier on my previous Nanowrimo – but finally, it’s here, that moment when the characters turn out to be a lot more free willed and complex than I could anticipate. I have just discovered that one of the main antagonists, a female character who started out as a bit dramatic, is actually a whole lot more evil than I had planned. And that’s good for the story, because she’s about to do some crazy nasty stuff to one of the two main protagonists, where originally I had expected him to stroll out of there little worse for wear. This section almost has shades of Salem’s Lot in it. It’s funny, I can’t stand horror films and don’t generally read horror novels but there is something in me that is compelled to write in that style… When what I really wanted was to be a hard sci-fi author.

Screenshot of Day 25 Nanowrimo Progress, 10 PM

Screenshot of Day 25 Nanowrimo Progress, 10 PM

My writing is currently being spurred on by the inimitable sounds of Tengger Cavalry, a Beijing-based folk metal and death metal band that incorporate Asian spiritual throat singing and Mongolian historical elements in their music. It’s a brilliant soundtrack to write to, but it does leave me wondering – how on Earth did I reach the stage where I can say, “Sure, Chinese shamanic death metal with folk instruments, I’ll buy that!”? (On that note, we’re waiting to receive a shipment of their entire discography, which we bought a few days ago from Metal Hell Records.)

And speaking of Asian throat singing, years ago I got to hear these monks singing in person. It was like being hit by a wall of spiritually charged sound.