Day: November 23, 2014

Nanowrimo 2014: Day 23 of 30

25,748 words so far. I’m halfway through my word count but there are only seven days left until the deadline. That means I’ve hit the stage where I’m crawling into bed at one o’clock am because I just can’t get enough words written in daylight. I have also logged out of facebook and am refusing to so much as peek at it before I have a final validated word count of 50, 000+ words.

It does make me think that if I ever want to become a writer in a more full-time sense, I will need to work on maintaining an effective work/life balance aspect. This weekend has been a busy one, though. Friday nights I did my fortnightly volunteer work at a youth programme. It’s fun, but it’s tiring, and the older I get and the longer I do volunteer mentoring work with teenagers, the more keenly aware I am that I just don’t have the intense energy levels I used to. Still, life is good and I’ve had a good weekend, so no complaints from me. The chaos makes life a little more interesting.

I started out this year’s Nanowrimo with a story I didn’t love a whole lot. But I have to say that, as the end nears, I find myself really vested in the characters’ lives. Yes, it’s a first draft and it’s a little shabby, but it has potential, and I can see that now.