NaNoWriMo – Day 16

I’m at that point in Nano where I’m ready to give up, in a sense. My word count is way below the expected amount – I’ve only written 10,252 words out of 50,000. Yet, ideally I ought to have 26,666 words by the end of today. And today is almost over – it’s 9.30 pm and I have a busy day tomorrow, which means an all-nighter won’t be a good idea. At least, not at this stage. It’ll probably happen at some point, though.

Things are just so busy. In the last week and a half I’ve barely had a moment to rest. But I remember this from last year, too. In the end, I have committed to write a little every day. Some days are good and I can crank out 3,000 words, channelling my old uni student days of last minute essays (which worked okay as an undergraduate student but wasn’t such a good idea when I did my honours year). Other days I might get one or two paragraphs. Whatever the word count, the key thing is to keep pressing on. The story wants to be written, and I have grown to like it and see its potential as I push through. That’s the benefit of Nano for me: it’s a good reminder that while I might have a good story idea, or an okay story idea, actually writing it will often take a whole lot of hard effort. I have to park myself at the computer and just start writing. I don’t write the story chronologically – I jump here there and everywhere in the narrative. Sometimes I’ll write a section and realise I need to add something early on to lead to that point. Often I go back to the drawing board, and handwrite new plot lines in my notebook. Handwriting helps when simply typing and staring at a screen isn’t working for me.

Tonight I’ll be writing in iA Writer on my Mac Mini and copy/pasting it onto Scrivener. So far the whole story has been typed on my HP Windows 8 laptop but I thought I’d try using the other computer to see if the change of scenery and posture might help re-spark the creativity. At the end of the evening I then copy/paste the whole text into the Nanowrimo word count verifier box. I try to do that at least once a day to keep my Nano statistics as accurate as I can. I also email the saved files to myself, just in case either of my computers dies.

I plugged the whole draft into Scrivener just now and have set up the project target and daily target counter. So I can now watch it climb as I type. And, on that note, back to writing!

Screenshot: Scrivener and my NaNoWriMo statistics, 16 Nov 2014.

Screenshot: Scrivener and my NaNoWriMo statistics, 16 Nov 2014.