Paw Project

When I first heard about this organisation, Paw Project, I was stunned. Not because of the fantastic work they’re doing – and if you’re considering declawing your cat please read their information and watch their videos first.

I was stunned because here in Australia declawing is illegal, and virtually unthinkable. Vets are simply not allowed to engage in such practices. Having pets living in the home comes with the reality of providing them with adequate scratching posts and learning to shrug your shoulders when they shred the couch. Our couch is in tatters – but I’m happier with my crazy kittens than with perfect furniture. We also carefully trim the tips of their claws – it’s just like trimming our own fingernails. Our guys have a scratching tree that they’re encouraged to use, and they’ll soon be needing a replacement. We also help them burn off energy by playing lots of games with them. They have their own toy box and they choose what they want to play with! When they’re feeling well-exercised they seem less likely to run up the curtains. (Though as I write this, Odin is admittedly chasing a blowfly up the curtains.)

2014-11-06 at 15-59-46

6 Nov 2014 – Riker’s magnificent claws are barely visible under all his paw fur! As you can see here, he was half asleep when I took this photo. He’s comfortable having his paws handled. (For the observant, the eye mucous is because he has a recurring problem with conjunctivitis and is undergoing treatment for that at the moment.)

2014-11-06 at 16-01-37

6 Nov 2014 – Odin’s claws are a necessary weapon in his ongoing struggle to rid the house of blow flies.