NaNoWriMo 2014: Days 4 to 6

The writing’s not going as well as I’d have hoped. Getting in the daily average of 1,667 words is a lot to ask… when I don’t really like my story a whole lot. But a late-night chat about my plot with The Husband has helped me see some of the possibilities. So, as I begin the Day 6 writing session, I’m sitting on 4, 178 words. So far I’ve been writing the story on my Windows 8 laptop – but today I’m going to start plugging the narrative into Scrivener on my Mac Mini. I like the way Scrivener allows me to outline and develop the story, with quick access to information files on the individual characters.

2014-11-06 at 14-54-24

My NaNoWriMo progress as of 2.54 PM on 6 November 2014. Screenshot from the mobile Nanowrimo website.

2014-11-05 at 13-08-20

5 Nov 2014 – Our crazy kitten Odin, enjoying supervised outdoor playtime. In Australia it’s common to keep cats as indoor animals, and ours usually live indoors with daily outdoor cat run time. It’s better for the wildlife and a lot of local government areas have strict licensing, curfews, and rules regarding cats. Our little guys are registered, desexed, microchipped, get regular vet check ups, and only allowed to play outdoors if they’re fully supervised in the fenced-off garden or in their cat run.