NaNoWriMo: biting the bullet


I think there’s a point in Nanowrimo preparation where you simply have to bite the bullet, so to speak, and choose a name and make a synopsis and there’s no turning back. I don’t know where this story will lead, nor how it will end. But I have committed and through November, this will be the journey I take. My story is called “Kadri’s Ghosts,” and is a story that finds its origin in some ideas I had some 12-13 years ago when I used to live in a different part of Australia. There was a road we used to drive on from time to time, dotted with dead gum trees that formed part of a beautiful landscape of seemingly barren farmland. I wondered what it would be like to wander among those skeletal grey trees with their jagged points and hollow trunks. That image stuck in my mind and it has resurfaced now, and will hopefully form the starting point of my story.

Based on my experiences last year, there is every chance that by the end of November the story will be something very different to what I set out to write. I hope I will do it justice. I’ve handwritten simple profiles for the two main characters. I am now using one of those name generator websites to create some geographical details before I write the actual story.

I am also working on a timeline to flesh out the basics. Sometimes it helps me to write a detailed story about the events and social issues framing the story before I begin the actual storytelling. The back story won’t be in my story unless it becomes necessary to tell it, but it enables me to write a richer world. This is especially useful for me as I tend to prefer inventing worlds than writing about reality.