Predictable (1994)

In the mid-1990s, I was heavily involved in school music. I played a number of different instruments in the school band: flute, alto and tenor saxophone, and a brief but very unsuccessful attempt to learn bagpipes. But it was guitar, and later bass guitar, that truly captured my imagination. I still remember the day I first listened to Korn. For a country bumpkin teenager with a whole lot of angst, discovering the brutal, aggressive land of nu-metal was a realisation that I was not alone in feeling like the world was a dark and evil place. Korn gave voice to some of the thoughts in my head, and connected me to a whole genre and subculture of people I could identify with. I appreciate that Korn is a band that has grown over the decades, too, as individuals, and that their music didn’t stay stunted or caught in the anger of the cynical mid-late 90s. They seem like pretty decent guys. I also like the solo project music of their guitarist Brian Head Welch, and the soundtrack for Queen of the Damned (2002) film that was written by Korn’s vocalist Jonathan Davis is just amazing. Twelve years later I still love that music.