Archives: Mermaids, 2006



The above image is a detail from my most recent completed work, “Two Mermaids.” It was drawn in .03 mm pigment liner and coloured with pencils. It was drawn over two sessions, probably totalling about 4 hours from start to finish.

I have tried to carry continuity through the colours, by selecting a relatively small range of hues from which to work, and attempted to place the colours in a diagonal balance. Thus, though I have blended the colours differently – for example, in the mermaids’ tails – they are ultimately based on the same colour theme.

I find that mermaids are a recurring motif in many of my drawings. To me they represent femininity and freedom, a full and colourful life, wild and natural… also, I like the beach. I think it’s cool. 🙂 My methods of representing these mythical creatures have changed as I have changed over the years, but the basic theme is the same: the desire for freedom and beauty and life abundant.

Originally posted on A Humble Art Folio, 2 November 2006.